Daisy Brydon Creations


Daisy Brydon Creations was established in 2012 by Daisy Brydon after suffering from Depression. She started baking to keep her mind occupied. 

We create show stopping cakes for events. We love food, and think that it should not only look amazing, but it should taste amazing too. Because we love what we do, we want to share the love and get people baking and creating edible art themselves. 

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by Daisy Brydon Creations

Lean to create the ultimate cupcake with a variety of decorations.

What you'll learn:

* How to create the perfect sponge base... Read more

by Daisy Brydon Creations

Discover the art of sculpting cake.

In this class you will learn how to create a life like camera cake.

Daisy will teach you how to carve and decorate the perfect cake including... Read more

by Daisy Brydon Creations

Learn to bake and decorate beautiful biscuits

What you'll learn

* How to bake the perfect flat and uniformed biscuit ... Read more

by Daisy Brydon Creations

Have you ever wondered how cake decorators create stunning life like flowers
on cakes? This class will teach you exactly that.

Daisy Brydon Creations will teach you how to decorate the perfect... Read more


Website: www.daisybrydoncreations.com

Email: daisy@daisybrydoncreations.com

Twitter: @daisybcreations


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