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A culinary journey through India - No cows allowed!

After the success of our launch Supper Club, we’re back to tickle those taste buds with a whirlwind culinary journey through India. Our food loving Chef Asma Khan will head a team of Mums at the uniquely attractive surroundings of the Dead Dolls Club in the heart of Shoreditch.

At Holy Cow! you can savor the flavours and spices of traditional dishes from different regions of India. The mild softness of Bengali spices, the unique Hyderabadi Salaan where the main ingredient is green chillies, kebab from the “food capital of India” and finish the meal with an Indian dessert flavoured with pink Himalayan rock salt.

We’ll be topping off the evening with music from around India so feel free to bring along your dancing shoes!

Come and join us on culinary journey though India!



Chicken Tengri Kebab
Delicately spiced chicken drumstick Kebab. Marinated in yogurt, garlic and ginger. Grated Mace and Nutmeg is added to this marinade. A spice and flavouring used extensively in Lucknow in North India. Still considered by many as the food capital of India. This kebab is cooked with spices, which reflects the legacy of Wajid Ali Shah who ruled in the late 19th century the last Ruler of Oudh (the Medieval name for region of Lucknow).

Aloo Mattar Samosa (Vegetarian)
The Samosa is the closest thing Indian cuisine has to a Sandwich. You can find Samosas in every small Indian Chai shop and the triangular snack, which was introduced to India by the Arabs, many centuries ago- is now considered as quintessentially Indian.


Prawn Malaikar
The base of this prawn dish from Eastern India is caramelised onion, ginger, garlic and tomato paste. The only spice used for this prawn dish is turmeric. Turmeric is a spice, which is heavily used in Bengali cuisine and is reputed with having anti-bacterial and other healing properties. The “malai” in this dish comes from coconut milk.

Paneer Malai Curry (Vegetarian)
Indian Cheese cubes cooked in a tomato and coconut base. The spicing is similar to the traditional spices used in Bengal for making seafood dishes.

Lemon Rice
Delicate rice which is infused with the spices and flavour of Southern India. Cashew nuts, fresh curry leaves, black mustard seeds and black pepper from Kerala. Fresh lime/lemon juice adds a subtle zing to this rice.

Hyderabadi Mirchi ka Salaan
A unique curry, made with fresh green chillies, sliced onions, ground almonds and sesame seeds. This is a regional specialty dish, which is only found in the city of Hyderabad or in select specialist restaurants serving Hyderabadi food.

Kashmiri Aloo Dam
The fiery red colour of this dish is from the vibrant Kashmiri mirch or chilli, which has a distinctive flavour and is surprisingly mild (considering its dark red colour).


Fruit Chaat
Himalayan pink rock salt, sugar and lime juice is used as a marinade for a mixture of local and exotic fresh fruits.

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Great night great food great project

Rating: 10

michaelbragalondon@hotmail.com attended in August 2013, reviewed on 7 August 2013

We had a thoroughly enjoyable night with so many highlights Starting with excellent and innovative cocktails that was followed by Nelsons great M'Cing and introducing us to Mummys Cooking and the project he has initiated..Great to see chef Asma bring her prowess and talent and impart these to two new proteges The Prawn Malai and Lemon rice left us having fourth helpings as well as the fabulous Alu Dum and Chicken Kebab starters..The unique experience of eating from a banana leaf was super and was fun to eat communally we made 5 great new friends

Cant wait till the next Darjeeling Express event!

A wonderfully thought out idea, perfectly executed.

Rating: 10

lpg501 attended in August 2013, reviewed on 7 August 2013

The team at Mummy's Cooking were very welcoming and made everyone feel very comfortable, taking the time to greet everyone and talk to them individually.

The idea behind Mummy's Cooking is excellent, providing the team in the kitchen with a great commercial opportunity, and also for us to sample their fantastic cooking.

From the second we walked in and got a whiff of the mouth-watering aroma, we knew we were in for a treat. And the food didn't disappoint, it was absolutely splendid, and enjoyed with fantastic company in a lovely, relaxed atmosphere.

Thank you to everyone involved in putting on the event, we will definitely be visiting again, and recommending this to friends and family.

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