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Ganache Macaron is an artisan macaron bakery based in London.  We only make French macarons, which allows us to create macarons of an exceptional quality which both look and taste gorgeous.  Our macarons are also suitable for most diets as they are always Gluten Free and vegetarian.

We hold Macaron Baking Classes on a regular basis, in our professional bakery in Hackney, London.  Our head chefs enjoy teaching these classes as it allows them to share their passion and spread the joy of macarons.

Group classes allow beginners to learn to bake our classic macarons, focusing on technique.  Our private classes and One on One classes are suitable for beginners and also for more advanced students who want to learn proper macaron technique but also would like to learn to bake two flavours of their choosing whilst working closely with one of our head chefs.

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A fashionable and gluten-free alternative to your standard cake, Macaron
Towers have become an increasingly popular choice for weddings and birthday
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by Ganache Macaron

**Group Macaron Baking Classes **teach you all the steps to baking the perfect macarons, in a vibrant group environment.** ** You will learn all the steps to baking one of our classic flavours; from... Read more

by Ganache Macaron

**Small Group Macaron Baking Classes** have the same advantages of our one on one classes, but concentrate solely on learning to bake one of our tried and tested classic flavours.

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by Ganache Macaron

**Experience the joy of macarons!**

Our one to one courses allow you to learn the key to mastering the macaron.
You will be working one on one with our head chef to make your own macarons
and learn... Read more

by Ganache Macaron

A fashionable and gluten-free alternative to your standard cake, Macaron
Towers have become an increasingly popular choice for weddings and birthday
parties. Our Macaron Tower Masterclass teaches... Read more




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15 Dec 14 by Ganache Macaron - Handmade Premium Macarons - Blog

Friendly Comprehensive Macaron Class

Rating: 10

primocat attended Small Group Macaron Baking Class in July 2014, reviewed on 20 July 2014

We got a Groupon deal for this class, which worked out very well, and I would recommend this sort of deal if you can get it. That said, normally I think it costs £90 pp, but for that you get a decent class and I have been to more expensive classes that I thought were a rip-off.

The class was quite small (6 people) and we only had 1 tutor (Audrey) a very amiable Haitian/French woman, who helped all of us achieve macaron perfection (french meringue method).

The kitchen is situated in quiet but lively area (sounds like an oxymoron doesn't it) just next to London Fields, loads of free parking at the weekend, and a couple of local cafes and a pub, which sell decent food if you come a little early (as we did).

We made 1 type of macaron (strawberry almond buttercream) - it was cute and surprisingly tasty (I absolutely hate macarons normally - too sweet). Audrey was extremely helpful with tips and alternative ideas for fillings which might solve this oversweet problem.

My mother was absolutely thrilled with her birthday present, and commented how different the macaron making experience was in person (and she has read so many macaron books and watched videos too).

I would thoroughly recommend this class, even if you have to travel from Surrey as we did (one woman in the class came from Yorkshire). Audrey is a sweetie too and we had a really enjoyable day.

Good Tutors and Great Macaroons

Rating: 8

nicoleperry attended Small Group Macaron Baking Class in January 2014, reviewed on 28 May 2014

I really enjoyed the macaroon class that I took with Ganache Macaron. I learned how to bake PERFECT macaroons (I have made a couple successful batches at home since) with a fun group of people (I got on well with them even though I came to the class alone), and attentive tutors.

It was really nice that I got to leave the class with a box of macaroons that I made myself, and got to show off my cooking prowess to my VERY picky partner...who was impressed.

The only negative is that I had to travel to Hackney for the class, from west London, but it was worth it for the quality of instruction and the fact that I have been able to remember and re-produce what I learned.

Overpriced and disappointing

Rating: 5

hanan ashegh attended Small Group Macaron Baking Class in March 2014, reviewed on 19 March 2014

I attended the ganache macaron class on 01/03/2014, I arrived around 25 minutes late for the workshop but the woman was not very welcoming and kept saying you probably should come back another day, the chef will not do another demonstration, I wasn't too bothered as I had made macarons before and had only come to
Get tips to improve my baking business. They only gave us one buttercream recipe which was horrendous, it was basically butter and tasted horrible, and then when our macarons were supposed to gO into the oven they sent us off to have a half hour break! I asked why nOt give us more tips instead of sending us away to pay for a coffee in a nearby cafe when we have paid £90 to be here for only a couple of hours? The response I got was we can't give u more recipes as we would be giving away our secrets!
I feel I was ripped off and the service was not up to the standards I expected and therefore I will not be using this company again. I found another company that is more central that give u three macaron and filling recipes for £72 and I am using them!

Ganache Macaron responded on 20 March 2014:

I'm very sorry to hear about your poor experience with our course.

It is up to the student to show up on time for the course. As with any group course, the instructor cannot be expected to repeat instructions for students who do not show up on time, as it wastes the time of other students participating in the course. We would have happily arranged with you, to book another course date if you had called us to let us know that you would not be able to make it to the course on time.

Our group courses are for beginners to get a basic understanding of the macaron baking process. If you are looking to learn more recipes, we offer one on one courses which allow you to choose which flavours you would like to make.

Fun, Informative and Yum Yum Yummy!

Rating: 10

monicah attended Small Group Macaron Baking Class in November 2013, reviewed on 20 November 2013

My husband and I attended a Small Group Macaron Baking Class on the 9th of November. We decided to do the class to try something fun and new for my birthday.

We both really enjoyed the class. The instructors, Audrey and Paul, were very helpful. They gave us loads of tips on how to ensure that our macarons in the class and at home work out well. They also assisted us throughout the class, when needed, and answered all of our macaron related questions.

At the end of the class, my husband and I were able to take home a box of our own strawberry macarons made completely by us! We shared them with our friends, who thought that they were made by professionals.

We can't wait to try and make our own batch at home, now, after getting the recipe and tips from Ganache Macaron.