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I am a mother, wife and home cook. In my spare time I also produce chili jams, sauces and Caribbean delicacies. 

I come from a long line of women (and men) who have sweet hand i.e. they can really really cook. After being nagged for many years by my sister I’ve decided to share family favourites. 


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by Tantie Lorraine’s Kitchen

The class begins with welcome drinks, baked goodies and a chat. By the end of
the class, you will have learned to make;

* Carribbean Rum Cake - Every Caribbean island has their version of this... Read more

by Tantie Lorraine’s Kitchen

The class will consist of step by step cooking and demonstrations. Over 3.5
hours you will learn to make authentic Caribbean canapes using fresh
ingredients whilst sipping cocktails.

You will learn... Read more

by Tantie Lorraine’s Kitchen

Pastelles are a traditional dish in several Latin American countries and
brought to Trinidad and Tobago by our Spanish speaking neighbours. it is
similar to a Mexican tamale. It is traditionally... Read more


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