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hosted by Petpujo and Adda

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"Eat like a Bong" is a very Bengali supper club, hosted by Simon(e) Bhuiyan.

I hail from Kolkata (erstwhile Calcutta), the capital city of West Bengal - a state from eastern part of India, known for its intellectuals, artists, musicians and poets. But it also holds a special place for foodies - Kolkata is a foodie’s paradise and is truly the gastronomic capital of India. Universally, we are known for our love for “maach” (fish), “mishti” (sweets) and more (politics, cricket, football, literature, movies, theatre, debate….any topic that can be conjured up under the sun).

I have tried to capture these Bong passions through my food blog “Petpujo and Adda” – as we Bongs are obsessively passionate about “Petpujo” (that is worshipping our tummies) and “Adda” (unbridled chit chat over food with family and friends).

In the last couple of years, I have ventured out into hosting Bengali supper clubs. My supper clubs are my humble effort to raise awareness about authentic Bengali cuisines in London.  

For the “Eat like a Bong” supper club, I will be presenting a multi-course home-cooked traditional Bengali meal – reflecting a typical Sunday lunch that you will find in most Bengali homes. It is an eclectic mix of dishes that has been carefully chosen – each food has a story or history behind it and will help you to experience the different nuances of flavours in a typical Bengali spread.

Please come over and "Eat like a Bong" - you will surely fall in love with Bengali food. And if you are already in love, please do come and continue the romance.


Welcome drink - Lychee Punch (with my own innovation)

(Lychee drink spiced up with hint of chilli and ginger and with a dash of raspberry juice)

The perfect summer refresher to start off with.


Aloo Kabli (Veg)

(A  classic Kolkata street food snacks - made with potatoes, chickpeas and roasted spices)

It is a classic afternoon or early evening snacks, found on the streets of Kolkata.


Fish Fry served with Kasundi and Salad (Non-Veg)

(Traditional Bengali Fish Fry, served with Bengali mustard relish and salad)

The British invented the fish fry, the Bengalis perfected it.


Veg Chop with Kasundi and Salad (Veg)

(Bengali beetroot croquette, served with Bengali mustard relish and salad)

Everyone’s favourite snacks from the streets of Kolkata.



Bhindi Bhaja (Veg)

(Deep fried okra)

All Bengali food starts with some vegetable fry – could be aubergine fry, butternut squash fry, pointed gourd fry, okra fry etc. Can be had just with rice or rice mixed with dal.


Posto Bora (Veg)

(Poppy seed patties)

A Bengali favourite – known for its soothing influence on the tummy (and mind). Recommended to have only with rice.


Aam Kasundi Salmon Paturi (Non Veg)

(Salmon, marinated with raw mango and Bengali mustard paste, cooked wrapped in banana leaf)

A Bengali makeover of a British favourite – Salmon. Generally done with fresh water fish, but equally tasty with Salmon. To be relished with rice.


Aam Kasundi Chana Paturi (Veg)

(Cottage Cheese, marinated with raw mango and Bengali mustard paste, cooked wrapped in a Banana leaf)

For the vegetarian lot. The fish replaced with fresh cottage cheese. To be relished with rice.


Railway Mutton Curry (Non-Veg)

(Mutton Stew or Mangshor Jhol, as we call it)

A classic dish served in the Railways, reminiscent of the British era in India. To be relished with rice/ paratha (Indian flat bread)


Aloo’r Dolma (Veg)

(Potato stuffed with caramalised onion, cottage cheese and cashew nuts, cooked in a Bengali gravy)

For the vegetarian lot. The fish replaced with cottage cheese. To be relished with rice/ paratha (Indian flat bread).


Bori diye Lau (Veg)

(Bottle Gourd cooked with dried lentil dumplings)

A summer dish from Bengali homes. To be relished with rice.


Lebu Pata diye Dal (Veg)

(Lentils, garnished with Lime leaves)

Another summer favourite from Bengali homes. To be relished with rice.


Kaancha Aam’er Chatni (Veg)

(Chutney made with raw mango – delivering sweet and tangy experience)

A must have in summers – to finally finish off the patter. Can be had on its own or with rice.



Baked Rosogolla (Veg)

(Rosogolla – cottage cheese dipped in sugary syrup, baked version)

Rosogolla - the undisputed King of Sweets, but with a twist – baked version.


Aam Sotto’r Sandesh (Veg)

(A quintessential Bengali sweet made from cottage cheese, wrapped with a golden sleeve of dried sweet mango)

Bongs have a weakness for anything Sandesh.



Steamed Basmati Rice, Paratha (Indian Flat Bread) and Papad (poppadums).

The main meal will be served with a slice of Gondhoraj lebu (the king of limes) – it has a truly heavenly aroma.


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