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The Recipe Kit ( is an exciting new delivery service that serves up globally-inspired recipes along with the exact quantity of ingredients so that food lovers can create restaurant quality cuisine from the comfort of their own kitchen.

Providing a delicious alternative to dining out, unsatisfying take-aways and repetitive home cooking, The Recipe Kit allows customers to conveniently master professional techniques, discover rare ingredients and explore new cuisines. Delivered direct to the door, each order contains easy to follow, step by step recipe cards along with all the gastronomic components required to produce a series of indulgent evening meals for the week.

Each dish is created by Head Chef Olia Hercules, who was trained at Leiths and perfected her skills in the fiery kitchens of Ottolenghi. Her epicurean expertise allows The Recipe Kit’s customers to experience the latest gastro-trends, from the most exciting international innovations to street food cooking at home through collaborations with key players from the movement.

From culinary classics to casual small plate recipes, each week The Recipe Kit customers take their pick of nine meals, four of which are always vegetarian. More than a single dish, each one comprises of a main, side and always a new sauce for gourmands to add to their repertoire, such as Lemon Verbena Vinaigrette and Tamarind and Treacle Relish.

Olia has lived and travelled all over the world, and her accomplished dishes draw influences from across the globe. From her time spent at Ottolenghi, Olia is inspired by the broad range of Middle Eastern cooking, creating unapologetically bold dishes such as Ras el Hanout Lamb Steak with Freekeh and Crispy Aubergine Mejadra with Nectarine Salad.

Designed for gastronomic discovery, The Recipe Kit features ingredients that would be impossible to find in the average supermarket, including edible flowers and Pied Bleu mushrooms. New chef skills are acquired with the preparation of every meal, from mastering the chiffonade technique to learning how to julienne tomatoes, and there are even suggestions for which drink to pair with each dish and the best music to accompany mealtimes. 

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