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by B&H Kitchen

**Perfect Desserts: From Brulee to Souffle**

Desserts can all-too-often become something of an after-thought when it comes
to designing a practical but impressive menu. On this short course... Read more

by Jenius Social

Mastering the art of cake decorating is the difference between amateur and
professional-looking bakes. Aimed at beginners, this class focuses on
decorating with different types of icing, how to use... Read more

by Eat & Mess

What nicer way to spend a few hours than baking a delicious afternoon tea to
enjoy at home?

Suitable for both beginners and experienced bakers alike, you will be learning
essential basics for... Read more

by Pistachio Rose

High Chai returns for a special Chocolate-themed Tea Banquet at the famous Southbank London Chocolate Festival.

This petite tea party will offer a selection of boutique cakes, pastries, desserts and... Read more

by Molly Bakes

Planning a party? This is for you! What is a party without cake pops? Learn how to make great Party Pops in this 4 hour class.

Ice creams, donuts, lollies, cake slices, tiered cakes - yes these are... Read more

by Craft Cakes

In this intensive half day session, you will learn to bake perfect cupcakes with our expert guidance. Then, learn how to make the fluffiest buttercream to top your freshly-baked cupcakes. You will... Read more

by The Art of Puddings

The cost includes all ingredients, light refreshments and a goody bag containing your desserts, recipes and a stylish kitchen gift. During the class you’ll pick up culinary tips and presentation... Read more

by The Art of Puddings

Learn how to make Illes Flottantes, creme anglaise, salted caramel. Maximum class size 4 persons. Read more

by Angela Malik

Extract from Angela Malik website

Join Bethany Hughes on this special summer masterclass on how to make hand-made Ice Creams, Mousses and Sorbets... Read more