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We met in London

We found ourselves spending an inordinate amount of time on food. Eating it. Cooking it. Reading and writing about it. Most of all, learning about it.

Went eating around the world

We got married. Then went backpacking around the world for a year. We spent time with farmers, learning how to tend the land, build ovens, dispatch animals. We spent time with family and friends, hassling them for our most loved recipes. We shopped where the locals shopped, and ate where they ate.

Made a small discovery

We met people just like us, looking for edible adventures. We also found a treasure trove of people who create and provide them. But sometimes they have a hard time finding each other.

And so we started Edible Experiences

So we'd like to see if we can help. We want to make wonderful edible experiences easier for everyone to discover. So that instead of spending hours on a computer, you all get more time where we think you'd rather be. In the kitchen. On the land. Around the dining table. With people you love, and friends you are about to meet.

We hope our geeky work experience in management consulting and journalism (Wen), and finance and computer programming (Babs), will be put to good use here. We hope that you fellow foodies will continue to guide us as we go. Mostly, we hope to keep embarking on edible adventures. And that you'll come join the fun.

WenLin Soh & Amir "Babs" Shamsuddin

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